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Introduction to Sign Language

16th January 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Sign Language

Unit Code: KB61WE007

Level: One

Credit Value: 3

Unit ID: BNH380


Sector: 12.1 Languages, Literature and Culture of the British Isles

Purpose and Aim:

To be able to use the signs for letters of the alphabet, conveying personal details and greetings.


The learner will: The learner can:
1.  Be able to use the signs for the letters of the alphabet.
1.1 Identify the signs used for the letters of the alphabet.
1.2 Demonstrate the signs for each letter of the alphabet and form into words.
2.  Be able to use signs for conveying personal details.
2.1 Identify the signs used for personal details.
2.2 Use the signs in 2.1 to convey personal information.
2.3 Interpret the signs in 2.1 when used by another to convey personal information.
3.  Be able to use signs to convey greetings.
3.1 Identify the signs used for greetings.
3.2 Use the signs in 3.1 to greet and take leave of someone.
3.3 Identify the signs used for responses to greetings.
3.4 Use the signs in 3.3 to respond to greetings.


Assessment Methods:

There is no assessment information available for this unit. Assessments used should be fit for purpose for the unit and learners, and generate evidence of achievement for all the assessment criteria.

Assessment Information:

There is no specific assessment information to be used with this unit.

Assessor Requirements:

There is no information regarding specific assessor requirements for this unit. Centres should select assessors who are trained in assessment, and who have subject specific competence to assess at this level.


 2019 Agored Cymru


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