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Sign Language – Conversational skills

July 4 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Conversation Skills in a Modern Language: British Sign Language, exchanging everyday information

Unit Code: KB61CY007
Level: One
Credit Value: 3
Unit ID: CCZ006
Sector: 12.1


Learning Outcomes

The learner will

Assessment Criteria

The learner can

1. Be able to exchange simple information about health and well-being.
1.1 Enquire about the health and well-being of others.
1.2 Give information about your own health and well-being.
1.3 Exchange information on emotions and feelings.
2. Be able to give and receive directions.
2.1 Give and receive directions within a building.
2.2 Give and receive directions in a town, city or village.
2.3 Check your understanding of directions and request more details.
3. Be able to exchange information about work.
3.1 Outline a job to someone else.
3.2 Ask questions about a job to someone else.
3.3 Outline a place of work such as an office, factory or shop.
3.4 Give two examples of different jobs and what they involve.
4. Be able to recognise and use basic linguistics of BSL.
4.1 Identify classifiers and how they are used.
4.2 Identify two non-manual features and their importance in BSL.
4.3 Identify two multi-channel signs and give examples of them.
4.4 Use classifiers, non-manual features and multi-channel signs in BSL.

Assessment Methods:

  • Written exercise
  • Role play/simulation
  • Practical demonstration
  • Group discussion
  • Performance/exhibition

There is no assessment information available for this unit. Assessments used should be fit for purpose for the unit and learners, and generate evidence of achievement for all the assessment criteria.

Assessment Information:

There is no specific assessment information to be used with this unit.

If not specifically stated in the assessment information, a plural statement in any assessment criterion means a minimum of two.

Assessor Requirements:

There is no information regarding specific assessor requirements for this unit. Centres should select assessors who are trained in assessment, and who have subject specific competence to assess at this level.

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