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Introduction to playing the guitar

September 9 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Guitar: Introduction to Playing the Guitar

Unit Code: LH51WE017

Level: One

Credit Value: 3

Unit ID: BOV734


Sector: 9.1 Performing Arts

Last registration date: 31/07/2022

Purpose and Aim:

To be able to strum, recognise the different notes and combine three or more notes to make a chord on the guitar.


The learner will: The learner can:
1.  Be able to strum the guitar.
1.1 Pluck a string with one hand whilst fretting a note with the other.
1.2 Perform various strumming techniques.
2.  Know the different notes on the guitar.
2.1 Identify notes when each string is played within the first four frets.
2.2 Identify notes when each string is played within the first twelve frets.
3.  Be able to combine three or more notes to make a chord.
3.1 Play a minimum of four major chords.
3.2 Play a minimum of four minor chords.
3.3 Identify which notes make up the chords played in 3.1 and 3.2.


Assessment Methods:

There is no assessment information available for this unit. Assessments used should be fit for purpose for the unit and learners, and generate evidence of achievement for all the assessment criteria.

Assessment Information:

There is no specific assessment information to be used with this unit.

Assessor Requirements:

There is no information regarding specific assessor requirements for this unit. Centres should select assessors who are trained in assessment, and who have subject specific competence to assess at this level.


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