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Economic & Social Development of Wales

January 14 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Economic and Social Development of Modern Wales

Unit Code: DB71CY006

Level:  One

Credit Value: 3

Unit ID: CCZ695

LDCS: DB7411

Sector: 10.1 History

Last registration date: 30/06/2022

Regulated Code: J/503/8784


Purpose and Aim:

To give an overview of the main social and economic developments in Wales during the 18th-20th centuries.


The learner will: The learner can:
1.  Understand the development of the industrialisation of Wales.
1.1 Define the term ‘Industrial revolution’.
1.2 List the main industrial developments in Wales from the 18th century onwards.
1.3 Identify the main geographical areas of industrialisation in Wales.
2.  Know the impact of industrialisation on society and the economy.
2.1 List the important changes on the population resulting from the industrial revolution.
2.2 State how the economy in Wales changed in the period 1760-1914.
2.3 State how the population changes in the 19th and early 20th century affected society in Wales.
3.  Know the impact of the industrial revolution on different areas within Wales.
3.1 Outline the impact of industrialisation on different regions of Wales.


Assessment Methods:

There is no assessment information available for this unit. Assessments used should be fit for purpose for the unit and learners, and generate evidence of achievement for all the assessment criteria.

Assessment Information:

2.1 Minimum of three changes.

3.1 Minimum of two different regions.


The following key themes can be integrated into this unit

Identity & Culture

Wealth & Poverty

Other Mappings:

Welsh Government (2009):

Wales, Europe and the World: A framework for 14 to 19-year-olds in Wales.


Llywodraeth Cymru (2009):

Cymru, Ewrop a’r Byd: Fframwaith ar gyfer dysgwyr 14 i 19 oed yng Nghymru.

Assessor Requirements:

There is no information regarding specific assessor requirements for this unit. Centres should select assessors who are trained in assessment, and who have subject specific competence to assess at this level.


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