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Computers for the Terrified

January 14 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Know Your Computer

Unit Code: CN11CY014

Level: One

Credit Value: 3

Unit ID: BNF908


Sector: 6.2 ICT for Users

Last registration date: 31/07/2019

Purpose and Aim:


The learner will: The learner can:
1.  Define a computer system.
1.1 Identify the parts of the system and state their use.
1.2 Identify ways of saving work (e.g., using floppy disk, CD, hard drive).
2.  Use a computer system.
2.1 Access software to complete two different tasks (e.g., word process a letter, find information from internet, make calculations using a spreadsheet).
2.2 Produce printouts.
2.3 Save and retrieve information to disk or network.
3.  Understand Health & Safety requirements for using computer systems.
3.1 Identify possible safety hazards associated with using a computer, e.g., visual and body fatigue.
3.2 Demonstrate safe working practice when using a computer.
4.  Understand security procedures for using computer systems.
4.1 Give reasons for using a virus check.
4.2 Know different ways to protect information, e.g., back up files, good file management.
4.3 Give reasons for using a password.


Assessment Methods:

  • There are no specified assessments for this unit. Assessments used should be fit for purpose for the unit and learners, and generate evidence of achievement for all the assessment criteria.
Assessment Information:

There is no specific assessment information to be used with this unit.

Assessor Requirements:

There is no information regarding specific assessor requirements for this unit. Centres should select assessors who are trained in assessment, and who have subject specific competence to assess at this level.


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